Can I mix and match coverages from different carriers?

Pathpoint is on a mission to help agents quote and bind E&S business simply and easily, 24/7. To help make finding multiple lines of coverage simple and fast, Pathpoint offers the capability to quote Package, General Liability, and Property for Lessor's Risk in a single submission.

Mix & Match is available for Lessor's Risk and Restaurants submissions. Each submission for General Liability and Property will automatically return quotes for a Package, General Liability, and Monoline Property. This gives agents easy access to a wider variety of quotes to share with clients, making it more likely that agents can find coverage that meets their client’s needs quickly.

Watch a video of the experience:

As far as taxes and fees go for these standalone policies, since policies are processed independently, taxes and fees apply per-policy. This includes state surplus taxes, broker and commission fees.

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