Does Pathpoint work with premium finance companies (PFC)?


For agencies utilizing PathPay Agency, Pathpoint accepts payments from premium finance companies as an alternative to direct agency payments. Note that all payments must be processed through our payment platform, Ascend, as Pathpoint does not accept checks by mail.

PathPay Agency Users

  • For efficiency, we suggest that your Premium Finance Company (PFC) pay your agency directly. Then, you can remit payment to Pathpoint using the provided payment link through Ascend. (learn how to create your Ascend profile)

  • Ascend processes only one lump-sum payment, necessitating coordination between agencies and their finance companies. Agents should collect the down payment from the insured and the balance of the premium from the finance company, then submit the net commission premium to Pathpoint.

  • Agencies must ensure that Pathpoint receives the full invoice amount and may need to make a separate down payment to the premium finance company.

  • Payments are due within 30 days of the policy's effective date. However, if payment is not received within 20 days of the effective date, a Notice of Cancellation (NOC) will be issued to the insured and the agent.

  • Checks or ACH payments are not accepted. Issues may arise if payments are sent via check or ACH:

    • Should a PFC attempt direct payment, it will be rejected. Our system will issue the payment link to the agency and automatically dispatch an NOC due to non-payment reflected in our portal.

    • Agents risk overpayment if they use the Ascend payment link while also arranging payment through a PFC.

PathPay Insured Users

  • Pathpoint partners with Ascend to offer premium financing on accounts with PathPay Insured. After the subjectivities are reviewed and accepted, the insured will be emailed a digital payment link, where they can pay online. At this stage, they can opt to pay in full or in installments. Financing estimates are available on quotes prior to requesting to bind.


If I work with a PFC, mortgagee, or bank, how are payments processed?

  • All payments must go through Ascend. We cannot accept payment for policies outside of Ascend. If you want to work with a third-party premium finance company, mortgagee, bank or other institution to make payment related to a policy, the payment must be made through the Ascend Payment Link.

How do I make payments if I'm using a premium finance company?

  • Either the agency or the third-party premium finance company must make payment in full on the payment link provided. We advise agencies to have premium finance companies remit funds to the agency, who can then make payment in full on the payment link provided.

Can I grant access to my Ascend profile to a PFC, mortgagee, or other institution?

  • Ascend accounts should only be shared within the agency for security purposes. However, you can share the payment link with a third party if they are able to make payment in full.

When do I create my Ascend account?

  • Agents must have set up their PathPay and Ascend profiles in order to bind. We recommend creating these at account registration. Click here to learn how to set up your account.

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