What is Pathpoint's referral process?

Pathpoint always strives to provide the best chance to quote, but sometimes businesses are out of our carrier appetite. In those cases, our goal is to make the reasons clear and provide you with helpful next steps. When carriers finish processing, you may see that they've landed in referral review, and you can expect to receive an email within four business hours regarding next steps to get a quote.

Further, you can review the reasons behind why each carrier referred, and if you see any inconsistencies, you can go ahead and directly edit the applicant information and resubmit to potentially get an instant quote.

This applies if there are multiple lines of business on the account, some of which quote. In the example in the video below, general liability quoted, but you can wait to receive information about potentially getting a package quote.

Lastly, if no carriers are in appetite, you're able to review declination reasons for each carrier, and even download pre-fold documents to help move on with your search.

Watch a video on Pathpoint's referral process: