How does billing work with Pathpoint?

Pathpoint is the first in the E&S industry to offer a 100% digital payment method. PathPay is a digital payment experience for E&S insurance. Agencies can choose PathPay Insured or PathPay Agency to manage their billing through our online invoicing and payment process. Every agent using Pathpoint will need to set up a PathPay account to handle billing.

Learn more about PathPay here

As of 3/13/2023, Pathpoint no longer accepts payments via check.

To set up PathPay, watch these two videos or follow the easy steps listed below the videos.

Setting up your payment account in Pathpoint:

Verifying your payment account:

  1. In your dashboard, select the option to Finish Setting Up Your Profile

  1. In the Billing section, click "Start payment account creation"

  1. Enter the information necessary to create the payments account.

  1. Choose Insured or Agency (Insured means the agent will pay Pathpoint directly and Agency means your agency will pay Pathpoint on the agent's behalf), and click Send.

  1. Verify your account via an email sent to the billing account contact email you just entered.

  1. Sign into your new Ascend account.

  1. Update your business and bank details accordingly and submit.

  1. Go back to your agent information page in Pathpoint and refresh. It should now say Verified in the Billing area.

Note that sometimes verification can take up to 72 hours. If you need to precipitate issuing coverage for your Insured, please reach out to our support team for help.